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Social Responsibility

Our guiding line has been that “Orange Operates with conscience- environmental, societal, and Moral”. As we say charity begins at home. At orange we live this adage to the fullest by following HR policies regarding workers, employees and our stakeholders. We provide safety nets, helmets and other safety equipments at all our construction sites for the welfare and well being of the workers at the site. We have provided facilities of day care centres for the children of the labourers on site where they are provided with all the three meals, clothes and books as a gesture of recognizing the dire need. And these we believe are the first step in being socially responsible corporate. We hope to take up slowly and steadily new initiatives in the areas of education, training, health and environment.

Orange Initiatives

Ashamandir -Temple of Hope

‘Temple of Hope’, a campaign true to its name, was initiated for bringing hope in the life of the physically and visually challenged individuals.

Clean Ahmedabad Abhiyan

This campaign was a joint initiative of the citizens concerned, voluntary organizations and the Municipal Corporation. It aimed at developing a feasible scientific solution to the disposal of stinking garbage that was found heaped in the city of Ahmedabad.

A Drop of Water Movement

This movement was started so that people would realize the emergent need to recharge rain water. With the underground water table receding, there is a great need to replenish our grounds with rain water.

Prarthana-AMA(Ahmedabad Management Association)

A Centre for Career Counselling and Vocational Guidance. It is not only important to educate the youth but to also steer their know-how in the right direction. Since last 15 years, AMA has been doing exactly the same. Visit Website>>

Yuva Unstoppable

Orange is proud of its association with YUVa unstoppable to help support the dedicated and ever enthusiast young people, who have opted to voluntarily dedicate their prime time of life to uplift the "Young India" and investing their time to teach the under privileged. Visit Website>>

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