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Green Building

The  concept of "Green Buildings" that is intrinsic to the philosophy of Orange lays stress on usage of environmentally friendly building materials, effective waste management and efficient energy systems that can significantly diminish or eliminate negative environmental impacts and improve existing unsustainable design, construction and operational practices. Some of our green practices are as follows

Green Architectural Planning
  • Architectural planning for cross ventilation and maximum natural lights
  • Use of double glazed windows, which can reduce energy consumptions by 8 to 10
  • Insulation of roofs - painting them white, making terrace garden, use of thermal barriers
  • Reuse of debris in other project
 Water Conservation & Efficiency
  • Rain water harvesting / recharge pits
  • Zero water runoff by using perforated concrete pavers
  • Water efficient landscaping
  • West water treatment by implementing STP plant and grey water plumbing
Low Energy Techniques
  • Use of high levels of insulation, energy efficient windows, low levels of air infiltration and heat recovery ventilation to lower heating and cooling energy
  • active or passive solar building techniques solar products like solar lights for common areas such as clubhouse, swimming pools, street lights, garden lights, parking lights, podium, staircase and passage lights, hording lights
Use of Low Voltage
  • PL, CFL, LED lights
  • use of timers/sensors in common areas
Efficient Plumbing Fixtures  
  • Plumbing fixtures of low flow
  • dual flush tank in toilet
  • energy efficient pumps for U.G tank
Dry-Wet Garbage Disposal System  
  • Dumping in land fill sites
  • Incineration
  • Palletisation
  • Recycling
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